Black July 1983 Remembrance Day 2017

Black July 1983 Remembrance Day 2017

The Black July riots 1983 clearly indicated that there was systematic approach to Genocide of Tamils and still Genocide taking place systematically and silently

Date            :         23rd July 2017
Time           :         01.00 pm – 04.00 pm
Place           :         in front of  No. 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

What’s the world doing   ?

What is the role of the Common Wealth ?

What is the role of UNO?

about this ongoing Genocide

It is crystal clear that the Tamils are Still under torture, rape, murder    and  land grab and destruction of Hindu Temples and building new Buddhist Viharas in the place where the Hindu Temple were destroyed. This is a cultural Genocide.


If it is not Genocide  then what is it ?

We recollect the memory of the riot of  Black July 1983 and expose it to the world about the Genocide of  our innocent Tamils and seeking Justices from the Globe

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Sports & Community Health Ministry

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